Kindled Memories is the next generation model for establishing your facility as the best choice for current and future patrons. At our core, Kindled Memories provides those dealing with loss a unique and seamless way to establish a permanent, online memorial page for family members and loved ones to post condolences, memories, pictures and tributes - from anywhere in the world - all that's needed is a connection to the internet.

For your facility, it provides a distinct opportunity to create loyalty and brand recognition. For many years, obituaries have been the primary method of conveying the end of a life. The problem is that obituaries are a one-day, one moment acknowledgement constrained mostly to family facts. A 'Kindled Memory' is an opportunity to celebrate a life from numerous vantage points, be it at the time of death or many years later by classmate, friend or acquaintance.

Branded demo:

Memorial page websites have been around for some time, but they lack coordination, continuity, and the ability to build loyalty to your funeral services. Kindled Memories allows this intimate experience within your web presence while displaying your company logo to anyone visiting the page from your community or region, as well as around the world.

Kindled Memories has the added feature of a scannable QR code, which is attached to the headstone or graveside monument linking people directly to the memorial page from a mobile device. Kindled Memories is a cost effective tool that not only maintains and grows your business, but in certain models can generate a recurring revenue stream.

Scannable QR Code

A small, unobtrusive metal plate containing a scannable QR code can be placed on a headstone, monument, or urn. Visitors who use a mobile phone or tablet to scan the code will be taken to the memorial page of the deceased to read their biography. Family and friends can interact with each other in a very positive, life-affirming way through the Kindled Memory page to create an eternal memorial, which may be added to over time.

Customizable Memorial Page

The memorial page is fully customizable by the family or friend in charge of funeral preparations. They are provided a sheet with unique page-creation instructions. By following the web address on the card and the simple steps for creating the page, their memorial page can be ready to share in minutes.

Your Company's Brand

Keep your brand in the middle. These memorial pages will be hosted with your domain name and embedded within your website. Kindled Memories is behind the scenes running the system, while you get all the marketing power of keeping your business at the forefront.